Friday Five!: Trench Coat Sewing Patterns

It’s been a while since I last posted here, due to one long-ass house move (more on that in a later post!). Now that I’m more or less settled into my new abode, I thought it was time to start writing again. I work full-time so my sewing and DIY time is quite limited, but I always find time to go investigating patterns and fabric, basically planning future projects. And so I decided to start sharing these with you, my readers, in the form of Friday Five. Each week I will share with you my favorite patterns to hopefully give bountiful sewing inspiration in time for the weekend.

This week, I bring you my 5 favorite trench coat sewing patterns. Thanks to all the wet, windy but mild weather we have had in the UK, there isn’t a better time to sew one of these.

#1 Sewaholic Robson coat

A classic shape, with epaulettes.  Available in both paper and pdf versions.
See more pics on Instagram: #SewaholicRobson

#2 Deer and Doe Luzerne

I’m a massive fan of Deer and Doe. Their patterns always fit me well, and I always want to wear them. This double-breasted trench is going on my to-do list. 
Available in both paper and pdf versions.

See more pics on Instagram: #DDLuzerne

#3 Cashmerette Chilton

A classic and curve friendly shape with a single-breasted bodice. Available in paper and PDF format.

See more pics on Instagram: #chiltontrenchcoat

#4 Simple Sew The Trench Coat

This one is brilliant for beginners. A modern take on the classic style, it’s simple to sew without buttons. 

Available in paper format.

See more pics on Instagram: #simplesewtrenchcoat

#5 Orageuse Londres

I’ll admit I had never heard of this brand until now. But wow I love this pattern. It even has a short length version which looks just as good.
Available in PDF format.

See more pics on Instagram: #trenchlondres

And there we have it, 5 patterns you can use to make a trench coat. And do you want to know the beauty of this list? All of these patterns are, or can be, unlined. Simply finish the hems with some beautiful bias tape and you’re ready for Autumn weather!

Let me know your favorite in the comments below!

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