About Me

I’m Tasha. I love making things. I live in Wiltshire, UK with my husband, our Corgidor and our two floofy cats. When I’m not busy making, I work in the tech industry.

My main hobby is sewing but I also enjoy things like making jewellery, knitting, DIY for the house, upcycling, cooking, IoT…etc. Basically, anything that involves making.  I also enjoy roller skating (I was once a derby girl) craft beer, good wine and lots of coffee.

I have 5 sewing machines (lucky me!) my main squeeze is a Pfaff Ambition 620, which is what I use for most projects. I also have a semi-industrial 201k – she is a beast! She only reeeally sews straight lines but she will sew through anything. My collection is then completed by a Toyota Ergonomic, Singer overlocker and a JL mini which is good for travelling.

I learnt to sew at a young age, but I only really got into it when I was about 13 or 14. We weren’t a particularly well off family so I learnt to upcycle old clothes so I could have the fashionable clothing my friends wore. I took a break from sewing when I went to uni to study International Management and Modern Languages in Bath – I was working up to 35 hours a week on top of my normal course workload, which left no time for sewing. However, during that time I was always thinking about how I could DIY things. As soon as I finished uni I bought myself a new machine and have been sewing ever since.

Up until a few years ago I never used patterns, I preferred taking measurements and making my own. Some were utter failures and some I am very proud of – I will try to add some tutorials on here.

Once upon a time, I had a blog called TashyMakesStuff but life happened and I stopped updating it, I’m gradually bringing posts across from that so they don’t get lost.